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ABB ACS800 inverters

The ABB ACS800 industrial drives are highly flexible AC drives, that can be customised to meet the precise needs of industrial applications. They cover a wide range of powers and voltages, including industrial voltages up to 690V. 
ABB industrial drives have a wide range of options, many of which are built-in. Programmability is a key feature of these drives. Order-based customisation is an integral part of the offering.

The ABB ACS800 industrial inverter drive is suitable for pump, fan and constant torque applications as well as high performance applications. Such applications include winders, extruders, mono-rails, engine test rigs, compressors, cranes, renewable energy and centrifuges. 
The ABB ACS800 drive has ATEX certification with ABB's EExd, EExde and EExna range of hazardous area motors and has marine certification for Lloyds and DNV.

Wall mounted drives - 0.55 - 110KW, 230 - 690V (ACS800-01 Series)
* IP21 as standard, IP55 as option
* Wide range of built-in options
* Optional cable box for SWA cables
* Coated boards and internal I/O options
* Built-in brake chopper
* EMC filter for 1st environment, restricted distribution according to EN61800-3 – optional
* EMC filter for 2nd environment, unrestricted distribution according to EN61800-3 – standard
* Internal fieldbus options
Free standing drives - 45 - 560KW, 230 - 690V (ACS800-02 Series)
* IP21 as standard
* Extremely compact, can be mounted in 2 orientations
* Bookshelf or flat mounting options
* EMC and brake chopper built-in
* Three I/O and fieldbus extension slots inside
* Innovative pedestal enclosure for ease of cabling – pedestal can be supplied in advance
* Drive module on wheels
* Can be provided with an enclosure extension with additional options and local isolation
* Long lifetime cooling fans and capacitors
* Large power terminal allowing the use of a wide range of cable sizes

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