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SSM Series

Marathon stainless steel IP66 motor with flange for the food industry

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The Marathon SSM series ac induction motor has specifically been designed to be used in the food industry and meets the food industry requirement for cool performance. Manufactured from quality stainless steel this new Marathon SSM motor offers the IP66 washdown protection required on food processing machinery. With its smooth TENV design and triple protection against water penetration (slinger, longpath, shaft seal from the inside) and quality ball bearings lubricated for life, the Marathon SSM series motors are able to comply with the hygienic standards required. 
The Marathon stainless steel SSM series motors are available in: 
2-pole in ratings from 0.75kW to 3kW;
4-pole in ratings from 0.55kW to 3kW;
6-pole in ratings from 0.37kW to 1.5kW.

Marathon stainless steel IP66 washdown motor for the food industry

These SSM series washdown Marathon motors offer a true IEC motor construction, have an IE3 efficiency class, have full ErP compliance and they are suitable for use with variable speed drives (inverters). The motor's high efficiency rating means they have low losses and hence low heat dissipation. The IEC design make them an ideal 'drop-in' replacement for standard IEC motors and they comply with all hygienic standards.
These Marathon SSM series washdown motors have exceptional resistance against water penetration and they are designed for hot water (80⁰C) jet washing.
The new Marathon SSM series stainless steel washdown motors are the perfect solution for heavy duty applications such as found in food processing.

Marathon stainless steel IP66 washdown motor terminal box

The SSM motors have a conventional 6 pin terminal block.