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SLA Series

CMG SLA series three phase aluminium ac inducation motors

The SLA series motor range built in an all aluminium frame which has the same enhanced performance and electrical design as the cast iron SGA series that has been specified by Australian industry for over a decade.
Standards and specifications
The main dimensions and rated outputs of the SLA series generally conform to International Standards IEC 60034 and IEC 60072, and Australian Standard AS1359.

Multi-mount feature
The standard SLA motor is supplied with the terminal box top mounted, and has detachable feet. The unique multi-mount design allows the motor feet to be removed and the motor mounted from any of the 16 mounting pads. This feature means that for axial flow fans, there is no need for a motor mount in the fan case, which enables quicker assembly times, lower cost and less restriction to air flow.
Alternatively the feet may be relocated to either side, for a wall mounted motor or side mounted terminal box.