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  Monday, 21 April 2014
Welcome to ACP&D Limited
ACP&D Limited would like to wish you all a Happy Easter

ACP&D Limited will be closed on Good Friday (18th April) and Bank Holiday Monday (21st April) but will be open as normal on Tuesday 22nd April.

'Position with Precision'

ACP&D Limited is a dynamic company involved in products which are at the forefront of technology. With products like: TranStep label machine controllers; linear step motors and step motors; planetary gearboxes; worm gearboxes; stepping motor drives; CNC controls; Inverters or AC variable speed drives; enclosed inverter drives ; AC induction motors;
flexible couplings; label applicator controls; servo-hydraulics; linear actuators for control of mobile hydraulics; Submersible Pumps; MegaFans or High Volume Low Speed fans (HVLS fans) for HVAC applications in large premises;
Chart Drives; computer hardware such as networking cables, firewires, telephone cables, audio and video cables, etc., the company offers advanced products to the latest specifications. We also have our long-established 'market leaders' such as the SUP range of chocolate screw pumps in our portfolio.

CMG MTS motor - Animated - 250

A selection
of our products

Sonceboz 7165 linear actuator - Animated - 250 Invertek ODE - Animated - 250
Animated Reliance Rack Actuator, type: RCMRAK

Located in the old market town of Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire whose roots precede the textile industry of the 18th and 19th century, ACP&D Limited has offices in the outskirts to the east of the town. With the local railway and bus stations close by and with the M60 Manchester orbital motorway only a mile away (fifteen minutes from Manchester International Airport) the company has excellent transportation links.

The website offers in-depth information on our diverse product portfolio with datasheet and manual downloads. Selected products also have mpeg video clips available to enable the visitor to view them in operation. We can also offer design, installation and commisioning services by our qualified engineers
We offer a shopping basket facility with 128 bit encryption should our visitors wish to purchase on-line with security. A selection of products able to be purchased directly from this web site are shown below:

[Anybus X Gateway, type: AB7833]
Anybus X Gateway, type: AB7833
Anybus X Gateway, type: AB7833
[More Information - Buy Now]
[Mechatronic stepping motor, type: SB8660-20LN]
Mechatronic stepping motor, type: SB8660-20LN
610mNm 'low noise' stepping motor with integrated driver (1/8 - 1/256 step)
[More Information - Buy Now]
[NURT602 network cable with RJ45 connectors]
NURT602 network cable with RJ45 connectors
UTP (unshielded twisted pairs) network cable with RJ45 connectors (2 metres). Also known as the Mit...
[More Information - Buy Now]

Some of our product portfolio can be seen below and we have related products at the bottom of all our web pages for easy navigation ..........

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Our portfolio comprises:
Labelling machine controllers
Linear step motors
Stepping motors
Stepping motor drives
Planetary gearboxes
Worm gearboxes
CNC controls
Enclosed inverter drives
AC induction motors
Flexible couplings
Label applicator controls
Linear actuators
Mobile hydraulics
MegaFans (HVLS fans)
computer hardware
Networking cables
Telephone cables
Audio and video cables
SUP chocolate pumps

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