Servo Motors

Our RS Series is a high performance range of DC motors which use high energy magnets. When the RS DC motors are combined combined with the RTS series of drives they are particularly suitable for applications which require a very compact solution or a high dynamic level.
 o High-performance DC motor
 o High torque / weight ratio
 o Renowned construction quality
 o Excellent low-speed functioning
 o Very long life (brush quality)

SSD - Eurotherm DC Servo Motors

Main Characteristics
 o Motors with high energy permanent magnets and wound rotor.
 o Torque from 0.05 Nm to 13 Nm (0.44 to 114.4 in-lb.) (24 models).
 o Small diameter motors available in 6 sizes.
 o IP 40 to IP 55 protection (depending on model and option)
 o Tachometer
 o Holding brake
 o Incremental encoder
 o Resolver