DC Motors

ACP&D Limited are able to supply from stock Leroy Somer,  and Bull  DC Motors. There are a number of different DC motors available on the market and these comprise: permanent magnet DC motorsShunt Wound DC motorsBrushed DC motorsBrushless DC motors; and Low Voltage DC motors.
A large modern DC Electric motor when used in conjunction with a digital DC motor controller offers high performance suitable for use with extruders, paper and printing industries, passenger lifts and drives requiring high transient loading such as metal presses etc.
Variable speed DC Motors are capable of high performance at low speeds and are suitable for coiler and winder operations which are sometimes required to maintain tension at standstill, with shunt wound DC Motor starting characteristics being excellent from zero speed. 
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Typical high torque applications which normally use DC motors are extruder applications. DC Motors offer a cost effective solution on larger sizes compared to the alternative AC Inverter drives and motor combination. Digital DC motor controllers can be 98 percent; efficient (good for the user's 'green' credentials) and they offer a simple control design with low cost options of dynamic and four quadrant regenerative braking systems. DC motor speed controllers also benefit from high reliability and low maintenance and have lower power line harmonics without the use of expensive chokes.
Other uses for the small DC Motors are: - mobile applicationmedical applicationstextile applications and robotics applications.
A growing area for DC motors is the use of low voltage motors for battery powered application often used in mobile applications using 12,24,36,48 volt configurations both on land or water. Our DC Electric Motors sre available in both low voltageand standard voltage and can easily connected to a gearbox to make a geared DC motor unit
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Enquiries for low voltage DC Motors and geared DC Motor units which are normally available on short lead times (with specials available in small batch quantities) are welcome. Please email your requirements to sales@acpd.co.uk or telephone use on +44 (0)161 343 1884.
DC Motors from Leroy Somer, ,Brook Crompton and  Siemens are available with many options including Radio Energies DC Tachogenerators or Radio Energies EncodersForce vent Units and Brakes.