Brook Crompton

Brook Crompton DC Motors

ACP&D Limited offer Brook Crompton dc motors (formerly Known as Bull & ElectroDrives).
The Brook Crompton dc range of motors covers products with outputs from as little as 0.06kW up to 750kW in frame sizes 63 to 355.
Brook Crompton products are in service across the world in most applications and industries which benefit from the high performance of dc drives, such as: mechanical handlingelevatorssteel millspulp and paperprintingwire drawingplastics manufacturingtest equipment; and exercise machinery.
For more details please contact us by email at or telephone us on +44 (0)161 343 1884.

Product Specification

Key Features
          * Class H materials but class F temperature rise.
          * Wide speed range, typically 100:1 (IC06 & IC410) and 20:1 (IC01 & IC411)
          * Armatures designed to reduce low speed pulsations.
          * Choice of enclosure IP20 - IP55. Wide range of specifications.
          * Brushwear detection option on MKIII range.

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