Chocolate Screw Pumps & Parts

The SUP range of screw pumps are principally used in the pumping of high viscosity chocolate. Other media are also able to be pumped by the SUP such as cocoa butter, nutrient fats and similar greasy, viscous or pasty products. First designed in the late 1950's the SUP series of chocolate screw pump remains the principle heavy duty pump for virtually all the major chocolate manufacturers throughout Europe and beyond.

SUP screw pump specially designed for pumping chocolate
SIG SUP38 Chocolate Screw Pump for high viscosity chocolate

The SUP range of screw pumps can be supplied by ACP&D Limited as bare shafted pumps for installation onto a base plate with motor supplied by a third party or alternatively, as part of a complete pump set including a stainless steel base plate and connected via a flexible coupling to an appropriately sized ac motor for the application's requirements.

For applications requiring metering of pumped product ACP& D Limited can supply an AC squirrel cage induction motor suitable for operation with a variable frequency inverter and with our extensive range of inverters we can supply a complete control system. For more information on the inverters which we are able to supply click here
The essence of the SUP range of screw pumps is their inherent simplicity of design which is reliably robust and which offers steady pulse-free pumping of chocolate media at a mixture of low to high viscosity and pressures.

SUP chocolate screw pump
SUP chocolate screw pump
SUP pump set complete with electric motor and stinless steel baseplate for pumping chocolate
SUP screw removal

The design of the SUP is simple and maintenance is very straight forward. 
The pump's internal parts (rotor bush and rotor set) can be easily removed in a matter of seconds by undoing the latch and fitting the bush spanner (spare part no. 52) to the rotor bush. By applying a pulling force to the bush both the bush and the rotors are removed. Usually this operation can be undertaken in a matter of seconds thus the wearing internal parts can be changed with minimum disruption to the production line.