Leroy Somer LSK

Leroy Somer LSK DC Motors

ACP&D Limited are able to offer the Leroy Somer range of LSK dc motors. LSK DC Motors. These motors offer a compact design with high power / weight ratio and overload capacitywhich is particularly useful on applications such as belts transmissions, etc. 
For more details please contact us by email at sales@acpd.co.uk or telephone us on +44 (0)161 343 1884.

Product Specification

Key Features
          * Power Rating 4.7kW to 517 kW 
          * Ex-Stock Immediate Dispatch (subject to remaining unsold)
          * Can be supplied 24hours 7days per week (subject to carrier and stacker truck availability)
          * frame size 112 to 280
          * IP23S Drip Proof
          * S1 Duty
          * PTC Thermistors
          * IC06 Forced Vent Cooling with Standard Polyester Filter
          * Class H Insulation
          * 3-Phase Full Bridge Supply
          * Terminal Box Right Hand Side
          * Force Vent Top
          * Tacho Provision REO444 Type (tacho can be supplied ex-stock see tacho pages for specification)
          * Mounting: 112 - 160 Frame IM2001 B35 Foot and Flange
          * Mounting: 180 - 280 Frame IM1001 B3 Foot Mounted 
Conditions of use
          * ambient temperature within the range
          * + 5 and + 40 °C,
          * altitude less than 1000 m,
          * atmospheric pressure : 1050 mbar,
          * absolute humidity between 5 and 23 g/m3,
          * ambient air chemically neutral and dust-free,
          * current range from 50 to 100 % of IN in continuous operation and higher in transient operation.

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Leroy Somer LSK