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Mitsubishi A500 Series Inverters

Mitsubishi A500 series inverters

The Mitsubishi A500 series delivers a major leap in dynamic performance to 120:1 speed control range in drive mode and 25:1 in regenerative braking mode without encoder feedback.
At low speeds the A500 series delivers unrivalled smoothness with torque ripple under 5 per cent a 3 Hz. Used with a motor fitted with encoder feedback, speed control range extends to 1000:1, speed variation range falls to 0.02 per cent and the A500 series can deliver short-term zero speed holding torque of 150 per cent.
On-line Auto Tuning (OLAT) continuously re-optimises control as the motor temperature or other parameters change and ‘soft' PWM control greatly reduces acoustic noise.

A500 series features:
The ability to maximize inverter performance

New levels in drive performance have been achieved thanks to the use of advanced flux vector control, an original technology developed by Mitsubishi.
* The units feature a RISC processor which is used for on-line auto tuning, turning the motor quickly when starting. This allows it to perform high-precision operations that are unaffected by motor temperature, as well as stable high-torque operation from ultra low speeds.
- Speed control range ......... 1:120 (0.5 to 60Hz, driving mode)
* Combining this function with a motor equipped with PLG feedback improves high-precision operations still further (built-in option FR-A5AP).
- Speed control range .......... 1:1000 (driving mode)
- Speed variation rate .......... +/-0.02% (driving mode)
- Zero speed holding torque .... 150% (short time rating)
* Uneven rotation at low speeds has been greatly improved by the use of a smart driver (a newly developed ASIC) which directly monitors and controls the main circuit's status. Less than half that of a conventional Mitsubishi inverter at 1 Hz.
* Further improving the responsiveness of current detection has reduced the occurrence of trips arising from over-current.
* The addition of a number of new functions such as PID control and brake sequence function has made it possible to handle various applications.
* Up to three option cards can be mounted internally
* Network connection with a PLC is possible, e.g. Control & Communication Link (CC-Link).

Simple operation and maintenance
* The FR-DU04 control panel with simple operation is provided as standard on all models. Parameter setting values also can be stored by FR-DU04.
* The FR-PU04, LCD parameter unit with backlight is available as an option. (8 different languages are available on this unit.)
* Removable control terminal block makes maintenance easier.
* The life of the cooling fan has been extended by the use of ON/OFF control, and also replacement is easier.

Environment friendly
* In addition to the conventional low-noise mode, Mitsubishi has developed its own original Soft-PWM control method which suppresses the increase in acoustic noise and limits RFI noise to minimum levels similar to those of the Mitsubishi FR-Z Series inverter.
* A compact and light weight direct current reactor (DCR) can be connected to units of all capacity (0.4K to 55K). It is also possible to connect a high power factor converter (FR-HC) that comply with Japanese harmonic guidelines (conversion factor: K5=0).
* Combining with the optional EMC filter makes it easy to comply with European EMC Directives.
Global specification
* Comply with UL, cUL and EN (Low Voltage Directive) as standard.
* The optional FR-PU04 parameter unit supports 8 languages.
* NEMA1 compliance is standard up to 22K.
* IP40 compliance up to 22K with the optional cover.
* Open network such as DeviceNet and Profibus-DP are available.
* The communication standard RS-485 is built-in.
* Sink/Source logic is selectable.

A500 series technical specification

Control method

V/F control or Advanced magnetic flux vector control

Power supply voltage

200V class ... 3-phase 200 to 220V50Hz, 200 to 240V60Hz (0.4K to 22K)
200V class ... 3-phase 200 to 220V50Hz, 200 to 230V60Hz (30K to 55K)
400V class ... 3-phase 380 to 480V50Hz/60Hz (0.4K to 55K)

Output frequency

0.2 to 400Hz

Frequency setting signal

DC0 to 5V, 0 to 10V, 0 to +/-10V, 4 to 20mA

Operation unit

FR-DU04 (standard) or FR-PU04 (option)

Protective/alarm functions

Overcurrent shut-off, regenerative overvoltage shut-off, electronic overcurrent protection, stall prevention, etc.

Built-in options

FR-A5AX (12-bit digital input)
FR-A5AY (digital output, extension analog output)
FR-A5AR (relay output)
FR-A5AP (orientation/PLG/pulse train input)
FR-A5NR (RS-485)
FR-A5NP (Profibus-DP)
FR-A5ND (Device NetTM)
FR-A5NC (CC-Link)
FR-A5NM (Modbus Plus)

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[File] Mitsubishi A500 series manual (0.4kW to 55kW) (2.6 MB)

[File] Mitsubishi A500L series manual (75kW to 450kW) (3.0 MB)

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