Optidrive 3GV

Invertek 3GV variable speed drive (VSD)

Optidrive Plus 3GV is the natural evolution of the Optidrive family adding the ultimate motor control to established Optidrive benchmarks of control and ease of use.
Optidrive Plus 3GV uses 3GV technology, a revolutionary and patented motor control strategy. 3GV technology delivers 200% torque at 0.0Hz allowing this unique open loop product to be used without any feedback device in many traditional closed-loop applications.
Only the motor nameplate data is required to achieve optimum performance, the drive continuously and automatically determines and tracks the key motor characteristics required for vector control.

Optidrive Plus 3GV can be commissioned using the unique Optiwand CE Plus software designed for use on pocket pc's. Communication takes place without wires using infrared light to quickly and accurately transfer data.

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Optidrive 3GV