F700 Series

Mitsubish F700 Series Inverters

The FR-F740 series Mitsubishi inverters from ACP&D Limited are optimised for the special requirements of pump and fan applications in the HVAC sector.
The F700 series inverter is essential for energy saving!
Industry consumes around 33% of the UK's total energy. It is estimated that around 67% of this is consumed by electric motors. This means that electric motors account for around 20% of the UK's energy consumption 
Some of the biggest energy saving opportunities can be gained by fitting inverters onto applications such as fans and pumps where there is a variable delivery valve or where damper type control is employed. With the F700 series Mitsubishi inverter the user can start saving energy from the first moment they are installed!
The F700 series ranges from 0.75kW up to 630kW.

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