Micromaster 430 series

Siemens Micromaster 430 Series

The Micromaster 430 series of modular drives has been specifically designed with fan and pump applications in mind. 
Micromaster 430 inverters are easily and flexibly adaptable and perform a wide variety of tasks in similar applications as well. Compared to the MICROMASTER 420, it features greater power efficiency and has more inputs and outputs as well as an optimized operator panel with switch-over between manual and automatic modes of operation.

Micromaster 430 Main characteristics 
    * Easy, guided start-up
    * Modular construction allows maximum configuration flexibility
    * Six programmable isolated digital inputs
    * Two scaleable analog inputs (0 V to 10 V, 0 mA to 20 mA) can also be used as a 7th/8th digital input
    * Two programmable analog outputs (0 mA to 20 mA)
    * Three programmable relay outputs
      30 V DC/5 A, resistive load
      250 V AC/2 A, inductive load 
    * Low-noise motor operation thanks to high pulse frequencies, adjustable (observe derating if necessary)
    * Protection for motor and inverter
    * Control of up to three additional drives on the basis of PID control (motor staging)
    * Operation of drive directly on mains (with external bypass circuit)
    * Low-energy mode
    * Detects dry run of pumps (belt failure detection)

Micromaster 430 Options (overview) 
    * Line commutating chokes
    * Output chokes
    * LC filter and sinusoidal filter 
    * Gland plates
    * Basic Operator Panel 2 (BOP-2) for parameterizing the inverter
    * Communication modules
          o PROFIBUS
          o DeviceNet
          o CANopen
    * PC connection kits
    * Mounting kits for installing the operator panels in the control cabinet doors
    * PC start-up tools, executable under Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP Professional
    * TIA integration with Drive ES

Micromaster 430 Performance features
    * Latest IGBT technology
    * Digital microprocessor control
    * Flux Current Control (FCC) for improved dynamic response and optimized motor control
    * Linear V/f characteristic
    * Quadratic V/f characteristic
    * Multipoint characteristic (programmable V/f characteristic)
    * Flying restart
    * Slip compensation
    * Automatic restart facility following power failure or fault
    * Energy saving mode (stopping e.g. of a pump at low speeds)
    * Motor staging (connection and disconnection of additional motors, use of inverter as control drive in a pump cascade)
    * Manual/automatic mode
    * Load torque monitoring (detects dry run of pumps)
    * High-grade internal PID controller for simple process control
    * Programmable acceleration/deceleration times, 0 s to 650 s
    * Ramp smoothing
    * Fast Current Limit (FCL) for trip-free operation
    * Fast, repeatable digital input response time
    * Fine adjustment using two high-resolution 10-bit analogue inputs
    * Compound braking for rapid controlled braking
    * Four skip frequencies
    * Removable "Y" capacitor for use on IT systems (with non-grounded mains supplies, the "Y" capacitor must be removed, and an output choke installed)

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Micromaster 430 series