Micromaster 420 series

Siemens Micromaster 420 Series

The Micromaster 420 inverter is designed as an univesal inverter for 3-phase networks and optional field-bus connection. It has a modular design enabling the extensive range of 'standard' functions to be added to with a wide veriety of options. The operator panels and communications modules are designed to be simply pluged into the inverter without the need for tools.

Typical uses for the Micromaster 420 series
Conveyor systems; material transport; pumps; fans; and mechanical enginnering applications.

Technical Data

Micromaster 420 strengths in brief:
* Compact housing
* Easy to install
* Highly versatile inputs and outputs
* FCC control (Flux Current Control) for high drive quality, even when load changes occur
* Different methods of commissioning, via operator panel or cost-free software tool
* Modular system of inverter options
* Parameterizable acceleration / deceleration times (0 to 650 s)
* Compound braking for controlled rapid braking
* 4 skip frequencies for minimizing stress on the machine when resonance occurs
* Automatic restart
* Minimal stress on motor when inverter connected to rotating motor
* Integrated protection / overload functions
* Available with or without integrated EMC filter

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Micromaster 420 series