Micromaster 440 series

Siemens MicroMaster440 inverter

The Micromaster 440 inverter is designed for applications that require broader functionality and a greater dynamic response than what might be 'normally' required. 
The sophisticated vector control system of the Micromaster 440 ensures a uniformly high drive quality, even when sudden load changes occur. Fast response inputs and positioning deceleration ramps allow movement to target positions even without an encoder. 
Due to an integrated brake chopper, it works with outstanding precision, even during braking and short deceleration ramps. All this is possible within a power range starting at 0.12kW (0.16hp) and going up to 250kW (350hp).

Typical uses for the Micromaster 420 series
Numerous applications in areas such as material handling systems, the textile industry, elevators, hoisting gear, mechanical engineering and the food, beverages and tobacco industries.

Technical Data

Micromaster 440 strengths in brief:
* Compact housing
* Easy to install
* Versatile inputs and outputs
* Sophisticated vector control (speed / torque)
* High overload capacity
* Guided commissioning
* Load monitoring
* Modular system of extension options
* Load torque monitoring
* Kinetic buffering against voltage dips
* Free function blocks
* Compound braking for controlled rapid braking
* Automatic restart
* Available with and without integrated EMC filter
* Prepared for use in IT networks
* Can be dimensioned for CT (constant torque) or VT (quadratic, i.e. variable torque)
* 3 selectable drive data to adapt the inverter to different operating circumstances
* Integrated brake chopper for power outputs up to 90kW (125hp)
* 4 skip frequencies minimize machine stress when resonance occurs
* Minimal stress on motor when inverter connected to rotating motor
* Evaluation of motor temperature for integrated motor protection
* Evaluation of motor pulse encoders (optional) for maximum control of torque at the lowest speeds (even at zero speed)

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Micromaster 440 series