E2 Minicon series

There are two Speecon 7200 Minicon E2 series available from TECO. There is the standard low-cost MINICON and then there is the MINICON + which offers a low-cost drive in an IP65 (Nema 4) housing.

Teco Speecon 7200 Minicon AC variable speed drive

The Minicon E2 Series comprises a selection of compact micro drives in an IP20 enclosure with in-built keypad and a 3 digit, 7 segment display and class AEMC filter. The drives are available for a 240VAC single phase or a 415VAC three phase input. The Speecon 7200 Minicon has a 16Hz carrier frequency and an adjustable torque boost as standard and has an excellent price/performance ratio.
The Speecon 7200 Minicon E2 series ranges from 0.2 to 2.2kW.

The Minicon E2 + series inverters are 'micro-drives' from 0.2 - 2.2kW which are housed in an IP65 (NEMA 4) water proof enclosures. 
These inverters are fitted with a 'built-in' filter and are available with either 1 or 3-phase inputs (240Vac or 415Vac).
There are two versions of the Minicon E2 + available:
1) Keypad only;
2) Keypad fitted plus the addition of a speed control potentiometer, forward/reverse selector switch and isolator all mounted on the front of the unit.

Minicon + Series IP65 inverters