Speecon 7300 CV series

Teco Speecon 7300 CV series inverters

As from the end of 2013 the TECO 'CV' has become a legacy product as it's production has ceased. This obsolete product may still be available but only whilst stock last. Please check stock availability before ordering.

The Speecon 7300 CV series of inverter is the latest addition to the Teco family of AC drives. They incorporate sensorless vector control, have a 150% starting torque capability and also provides a built-in PLC function
The front panel of the Speecon 7300 CV drive includes a LED/LCD keypad display with a speed control potentiometer. Parameters can readily be displayed and altered as necessary and there are two 'stopping' profiles that can be called upon (one for the 'normal' stopping function and one for an emergency stop function).
The software of the Speecon 7300 CV inverter includes a PID function and NPN/PNP selection of inputs is possible. A braking transistor and EMC filter (Class 'A') are standard as is the PC (Windows)/PDA (WinCE) link function and RS485 Modbus RTU/ASCII mode.

The following Field Bus communication modes are available as options:
* DeviceNet

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