Parker (SSD/Eurotherm) DC Drives

ACP&D Limited are pleased to be able to offer the extensive range of DC drives from Parker (SSD / Eurotherm). The Parker dc drive offers a wide range of solutions to maximise flexibility and increase performance of applications using DC motors. The Parker / SSD / Eurotherm dc drive products meet a variety of industrial applications.
Using the same architecture as the Parker / SSD / Eurotherm current range of AC drive products, Parker's range of digital DC drives provides the same high level of functionality as comparable AC drive systems, while simultaneously allowing the user to integrate both AC and DC drive systems in a single machine with the same interface and software.
By retrofitting Parker digital DC drives from ACP&D Limited on existing DC motor applications the end user will be able to still enjoy the benefits of a flexible control platform and high performance drive.

Products We Offer

Model 506 / 507 / 508 series, 1 Quadrant, DC Drives up to 12A
Model 512C series, 2 Quadrant, DC Drives up to 32A
Model 514C series, 4 Quadrant, DC Drives up to 32A
Model 590P series, 2 or 4 Quadrant, DC Drives up to 165A
Model 590P integrator series, 2 or 4 Quadrant, DC Drives up to 2,700A

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Parker (SSD/Eurotherm) DC Drives