HMK Encoders

HMK encoder type: P1010510 (250 wide)

ACP&D Limited are able to supply industrial encoders from HMK Technical Services which are built to the highest standards and are available as incremental or as absolute type.
The HMK encoders all have equivalent stainless steel versions in order to make them suitable for use in the food industry. 
There are also IP67 models, which are submersible and suitable for on-board ship.
Available with between 1 and 65536 pulses/rev the HMK encoder offers solutions for most industrial applications including:

          o Standard Industrial
          o Heavy Duty Industrial
          o Food Industry Approved
          o Petro-chemical
          o Off-shore
          o Hazardous area
          o OEM

HMK encoder type: P1010509

Incremental versus absolute encoders

Incremental Encoders
Incremental shaft encoders also known as Incremental Rotary Shaft Encoders are ideal for monitoring sensing a rotating shaft, or even linear position sensing when used in conjunction with ball screws etc, rollers. When integrated into a control system, they provide speed, position, acceleration & direction feedback data to the system. Incremental encoders produce a series of pulses directly proportional to movement of its shaft. Incremental encoder pulses usually consist of two square-wave signals known as A channel & B channel (also known as 1 channel & 2 channel).
Absolute Encoders
Absolute Shaft Encoders also known as Absolute Rotary Encoders provide a unique binary bit output for each resolvable position. This unique bit pattern (shaft position) is read directly from the disc arrangement within the encoder, so that if power is lost, the true shaft position value is not lost. On power up, the true actual shaft position value is read again from the encoder disc, so the machine can continue its operation without the need for returning to a home position before continuing. Absolute encoders are available over one single turn, or many thousands of turns, known as Multi-turn Absolute Encoders. Available output codes include Gray, Gray-Excess, Binary and BCD, and various serial, SSI & bus system encoders are also available for interfacing to various types of PLC such as Profibus DP, CAN bus, Interbus and several others.

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