Anybus Communicator

The industrial automation market contains a wide range of applications that are designed for serial communication. AnyBus Communicator connects these products to all major fieldbus networks. The product provides fieldbus connectivity without expensive engineering costs. 
Target applications are for example drives, PLC's, controllers, text displays, HMI's, sensors, bar code readers, scales and instruments used in industrial processes.

Anybus Communicator products

Fieldbus connectivity 
AnyBus Communicator incorporates embedded AnyBus-S technology in a stand-alone ready-to-use product, enabling integration of industrial devices without loss of functionality, control and reliability. This is valid both when retro-fitting to existing equipment as well as when setting up new installations. There is one AnyBus Communicator for each major fieldbus network, setting up a whole range of products. AnyBus Communicator has fieldbus support for Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, LonWorks, CANopen, Modbus Plus, ControlNet, CC-Link, Modbus-RTU and FIPIO.

Fieldbus connectivitiy

A system integrators new best friend!
The internal mapping of I/O data in the AnyBus Communicator, instead of in the PLC makes this product an essential part of any factory network implementation or upgrade. Because it is not a card in the PLC rack it does not require any additional ladder code or increased scan time. Another major advantage is that you are not tied to the location of the PLC with the serial connection as the Communicator connects serial devices remotely to any fieldbus network, making it an easyier to use and a more cost effective solution, than the traditional "rack" style product on the market today! 

New Added Functionality to the AnyBus Communicator V2.10!
HMS will continuously endevour to improve the functionality and performance of AnyBus products. The AnyBus Communicator has now been enhanced by adding additional features that as a "firmware upgrade" can be implemented with the "ABC Config Tool". The additional features include: 
 Increased amount of transactions, now doubles to 100 transactions. 
 Line Listener to analyze serial telegrams on the sub-network. 
 Multi-language support, now supporting English, German, Italian and French. 
 Password protection prevents unauthorized upload and download of configurations. 
 Firmware update of fieldbus module now supported through the ABC config port. 
 Register addressing in the Modbus RTU Wizard (previously absolute addressing) 

Typical examples of how the AnyBus Communicator is used!
Single Drop to 1 node or Multi-drop up to 31 nodes..?
The AnyBus Communicator is used to connect either a single serial node using RS232/422 or multi-drop nodes (up to 31) using RS485 to all major fieldbus networks. 
Shown below are typcial examples of single and multi-drop!

Anybus Communicator Single-Drop Solution
Anybus Communicator Multi-Drop Solution

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