Anybus PCI

The Anybus-PCI cards give users a cost-effective solution for connecting Field Devices to Industrial PCs. 
The PCI cards are optimized for PC-based industrial control and visualization applications and support the 3 leading Fieldbus technologies Profibus, DeviceNet and AS-Interface. All boards are equipped with their own microprocessor to process the complete Fieldbus protocol independent from the host CPU of the PC. The AnyBus PCI card family includes intelligent Master and Slave versions, providing cost effective solutions for a wide range of PC-based industrial applications.

Anybus-PCI products

The Anybus PCI cards are used to connect Industrial PCs via Fieldbus networks such as Profibus or DeviceNet, with the decentralized field devices on the factory floor. The HMS boards comply to the latest PCI standards and can be used in 3.3 or 5 Volt PCI Slots with up to 33 Mhz PCI bus clock. The cards are designed in the short PCI format and fit into almost every standard PCI slot. 
The Software interface (API) is fully standardized. It provides users with a Fieldbus independent interface for their application software. The interface between the PCI cards and the CPU of the PC is based upon a powerful Dual Port Ram. This guaranties a constant high data throughput and supports data consistency for the process data. The network configuration is created and loaded into the AnyBus PCI cards with the Windows based NetTool configuration software from HMS. 
For integration in to other software applicat i ons, HM S provides an uniform OPC server according to the OPC Data Exchange (DA) 3.0 standard. This makes the PCI cards compatible with many OPC based industrial software packages. For application s that are using the AnyBus PCI cards in embedded systems, HMS provides a driver for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. This driver provides a common application interface that is totally independent from the individual Fieldbus type and operating system. Drivers for dedicated applications such as for the CodeSys SoftPLC from 3S - Smart Software Solutions GmbH are available from HMS or 3rd party suppliers. In addition, HMS offers a driver development Kit (SDK) that helps engineers to develop their own drivers for dedicated real time systems. 
The AnyBus-PCI range is a solution operating at both 3,3 & 5V that offers Master & Slave versions for Profibus and DeviceNet and a Master version for AS-Interface. The Application Programming Interface (API) used on the PCI card simplifies development drastically by taking care of low level functions such as handshaking and providing easy to use functions for common AnyBus related tasks such as mailbox handling. The API provides a plug and play interface compatible with all available AnyBus Master and Slave interfaces. 
The AnyBus-PCI interface contains a Dual Port Ram that allows the module and the host device to independently address different memory areas. The PCI cards also contain an on-board microprocessor, fieldbus ASIC, DC/DC converters, opto couplers and line drivers in order to fulfil all requirements for each fieldbus. 
Provided additionally through the AnyBus module is a "Mailbox interface" which allows the user to take advantage of all features in the AnyBus-S module and the specific fieldbus network. Through this interface it is possible to customize the PCI card to be more device specific and present itself on the network as a custom product. 

Anybus-PCI system overview

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