Netbiter x250 size

ACP&D Limited are pleased to be able to offer our custoners the HMS Netbiter for remote management of industrial applications.
Netbiter communication gateways provide connectivity to your remote equipment in the field. With the Netbiter product the user is able to connect to the Internet or to the Argos server, over Ethernet or Wireless (GPRS).
The Netbiter® EasyConnect™ are small robust, remote communication gateways designed to get your industrial equipment and installations online fast! The gateways are designed for industrial applications and are available with GSM/GPRS wireless access or Ethernet communication.

The HMS Netbiter features

          o Automatic Netbiter Argos data center integration with full access to all Argos features *
          o Connects to I/O or serial based field equipment via GSM/GPRS or Ethernet networks
          o Provides a unique and secure connection for devices behind firewalls, eliminates IP addresses and VPN tunnels
* The Netbiter Argos data center not only provides a way to easily install, commission and configure remote devices, it also includes several features for managing the data in a meaningful way to the right user. The Netbiter Argos server includes monitoringcontrolalarm managementtrendingreporting and more .... of remote assets. It is able to do most of commonly needed functions, instantly and with minor resources.

The Netbiter® WS100 and WS200 (seen on the right) is a series of communication gateways that gives full access to remote devices in a flexible and user friendly way. The gateways contain on board web pages to remotely monitor and control devices connected to an Ethernet
The gateways also contain built-in features for alarm handlingdata logging and configurable web pages for monitoring and control data from remote devices

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