EuroStep with Print-Mark

Eurostep driver for label applicators

There is a specially designed labelling equipment version of the EuroStep stepper driver (ES3-AP/SN and ES4-AP/SN) which is specifically designed for labelling machines, examples of which are label applicators and bottling plant. 
It is the EuroStep which is incorporated into our complete enclosed label applicator controller series 'TranStep'.
With the EuroStep it is possible in many cases for the use of a PLC to be eliminated entirely. These units are controlled by simple 'Start' and 'Stop' inputs from sensors. The speed setting can be from a potentiometer and the acceleration/deceleration ramps are set up from within the EuroStep. The number of steps after the EuroStep receives the stop signal can also be adjusted via a DIP switch. When the motor stops the EuroStep outputs a 'print mark' signal which the labelling machine can use to apply a label or print a bar code, etc..

For labelling equipment applications both the EuroStep 3 & 4 are available for use with either an ac or a dc power supply. The part numbers are:
ES3-AO/S4 (16-60Vac, up to 7A output)
ES3-AP/S41 (25-85Vdc, up to 7A output)
ES3-AO/S4 (25-85Vdc, up to 10A output)
ES3-AP/S4 (16-60Vac, up to 10A output)

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EuroStep with Print-Mark