TranStep label applicator controller

The TranStep 3 & 4 labelling equipment controllers are specifically designed for use with label applicator machinery and bottle labelling machinery. They incorporate either an EuroStep ES3-A0/D3 (7A) or ES4-A0/D3 (10A) stepper drive which have the print mark output and which does away with the need for a dedicated PLC. The controls are located on the front panel which include a 'test' push button for ease of set-up. 
The TranStep can be easily applied in applications with label software when used for printer label applications such as machine label applications. 
An internal transformer is incorporated enabling an auxiliary supply to be used when additional options such as inverter drive for conveyor speed control. An emergency stop push button is included as well as a door interlocked isolator.
Printer labels are produced an many variation of machinery and the TranStep can be applied on most of these machines such as on: barcode label printersbarcode label printerzebra labels; and direct thermal labels. Various additional options which may be required on labelling equipment applications are available upon request.

There are two sizes of TranStep available: 
TranStep-3 which is for use with stepping motors up to a phase current of 7A.
TranStep-4 which is for use with stepping motors up to a phase current of 10A.
Additional options are available such as the addition of an inverter for conveyor speed control, etc.

TranStep - internal picture

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