Linear Actuator applications

Linear motion is much in demand in all sectors of industry and the linear actuator is one of the responses.
The linear actuator is generally less cumbersome than a cogged belt, simpler than a rack and pinion and more economical than a ball screw. It has a number of major advantages for the user:
* Smaller size
* Reliability
* Longer life
* Performance (power + speed)
* Cost
Below are some applications into which our linear actuators have been applied:

Linear actuator with integrated electronics
New developments launched in recent years have led to many improvements in terms of power, speed and reliability. But without doubt what has contributed most to improved operation is integration of the control electronics into the design of the linear actuator.
The unit in this picture is the 8623-R002. The datasheet for this linear actuator can be seen on the right hand side of this web page.

SB8623-R002 linear actuator with integral driver 'built-in'

Medical application
This actuator is based on a stepping motor with a pernament magnet and fits perfectly into the customer's assembly. it has a leakproof housing and is non-sensitive to outside conditions.

Linear actuator picture 04

Laboratory application
Automated dosage in laboratories is developing as the instruments achieve greater accuracy and efficiency. The optimized resolution of the 7214 actuator provides constant and precise movement, even at high speed.

Linear actuator picture 05

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
This actuator is the drive system for a 3-way valve for a gas boiler. The actuator moves a valve which switches the hot water circuit to the water or heating position.

Linear actuator picture 06

Automotive application
The environment in a car engine places severe demands on the components - vibration, temperature variations, thermal shock and an aggresive chemical atmosphere - and yet the job of the linear actuator that regulates the by-pass deceleration requires high precision. It is clipped directly onto the butterfly valve to avoid using fixing screws.

Linear actuator picture 07

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Linear Actuator applications