TranStep label applicator controller

ACP&D Limited are pleased to announce the launch of their newly developed in-house budget controller for labelling applications. Named 'TranStep', the controller is based on their EuroStep ES3 and ES4 controllers which can be found in many of the labelling machines presently produced in Italy and many other EU countries. 
The TranStep incorporates a 'print-mark' output feature which removes the necessity for a dedicated PLC on the machine thus simplifying the control system and greatly reducing costs. The controls are located on the front panel which includes a 'test' push button for ease of set-up and there is a potentiometer inside the unit for initial speed setting of the machine.

The TranStep-3 is able to control stepping motors with a phase current of up to 7A whilst for more arduous applications the TranStep-4 is able to control stepping motors with phase currents up to 10A which equates to a 15 Nm torque output when using ACP&D Limited's 86HS114DE064 stepping motor (call 0161 343 1884 for details) . An internal transformer is incorporated into the TranStep enabling an auxiliary supply to be used when additional options such as inverter drive for conveyor speed control are chosen. An emergency stop push button is also included as well as a door interlocked isolator. 
Both the firmware and the hardware of the TranStep can be tailored around the specific requirements of the customer such as: open collector outputs; relay outputs; encoder feedback; etc. You will be surprised how flexible our TranStep system really is.