ACP&D Limited are pleased to announce the launch of the new PLN planetary gearbox from Neugart. This is the latest in a long line of Neugart gearboxes and will be the first to be manufactured in their new €10m, 20,000m2 purpose built facilities. The PLN gearbox series will benefit from Kanban production methods that will ultimately allow a two week delivery time for any model within the range. The development of the PLN series has seen every aspect of the gearbox specification being improved upon over earlier Neugart series. The PLN has 25% lower noise to < 58 dB(A), improved output torque to 1800Nm, light weight round body design with two optional output flanges, easy shaft mounting with PCS-2 " precision clamping systems, increased radial and axial loads to 9,000 and 15,000N using twin taper roller bearings with larger centre spacing. With all these enhancements comes a huge improvement in operating hours to 30,000 hours. The aim of this PLN development is to simplify the Neugart gearbox portfolio and ultimately replace the PLS, PLS HP and PLV Series of gearboxes with the PLN series. The rationalisation of the Neugart gearbox portfolio will lead to improved production volumes being realised, which in turn will result in a better commercial package for all ACP&D Limited's customers.