STM 'Ex' Planetary Gearboxes

STM 'Ex' planetary gearbox for arduour applications

Our 'Ex' series STM planetary gearboxes are compact, and yet extremely powerful, ranging from toque outputs of 1,000Nm in the 'Ex10' range up to a torque output of 28,000 Nm in the 'Ex 280' range.
The 'Ex' gearbox planetary drive train makes them the ideal choice for all the severe duty applications where shock loadings and impacts are more the rule than the exception.
The product configuration is highly versatile, due to several options as far as the mounting, the gear layout, the output shaft and the motor interface.

Finding the perfect match to any drive problem is therefore more than a wish, it is something users can safely rely on, always.
Suitable for installation in any mounting position, the 'Ex' Planetary gearbox features high radial load and output shaft and ground gears for minimal levels of noise.

The 'Ex' range of STM Planetary gearboxes are ideal for mobile and fixed applications and have been designed to accept standard IEC electric motors, hydraulic motors and air motors. 
Whatever the application - We have a solution.

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STM EXV 80285L PN1 80B5 planetary gearbox

This 'Ex' planetary gearbox on the left is a foot mounted gearbox with the type no. EXV 802/85L PN1 80B5. This unit comprises a right angle gearbox on the input which has an internal torque limiter housed within the unit to protect both gearboxes from overloads.

This 'Ex' planetary gearbox on the right has the type no. EX 803 V13 90B5 and utilises a standard IEC input. The output is fitted with a pinion design. The gearbox will be used in conjunction with a slewing ring on some form of positioning system.
The gearboxes featured here have IEC inputs to accept an electric motor, however also available on these planetary boxes are hydraulic inputs so the unit can be driven via a hydraulic motor.

STM EX803 V13 90B5 planetary gearbox
STM EX2503 PN1 100B5 planetary gearbox

This 'Ex' foot mounted planetary gearbox on the left is a type no. EX2503 PN1 100B5. As in the case of the two above units the planetary gearbox has an IEC input and output shaft. 
The colour 'Red Oxide' is the standard finish for the 'Ex' planetary gearboxes however they can be painted to your specification upon request.

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STM 'Ex' Planetary Gearboxes