FX1N (Legacy product)

Mitsubishi FX1N PLC (picture 2)

The FX1N combines the benefits of an inexpensive compact controller with the flexible expansion capabilities of a modular control system. It can be expanded for up to 128 inputs and outputs and with a comprehensive range of special function modules.The FX1N also features a powerful integrated positioning controller.
The FX1N's communications and data link capabilities make it ideal for applications where the size of the controller hardware, communications features, special functions and processing speed are all critical.

FX1N series highlights:
    * 14 to 128 inputs and outputs
    * High processing speed (0.55µs per log. instruction)
    * Ample program storage capacity (8,000 steps) and device ranges
    * Integrated positioning controller
    * Comprehensive range of special function and expansion modules for individual requirements
    * Integrated PID controller
    * Support for connection to open networks
    * Integrated real-time clock
    * User-friendly programming with MS Windows-based programming software package or hand-held programming unit
    * Analog signal processing with optional expansion adapters

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 FX1N (Legacy product)