FX1S (Legacy product)

Mitsubishi FX1S PLC (picture 2)

The controllers of the FX1S series deliver outstanding functionality with up to 30 inputs and outputs in a very compact package. 
The FX1S is ideal for applications in difficult-to-access installations and systems where normal servicing is not possible. The integrated real-time clock and maintenance-free EEPROM with capacity for up to 2,000 program steps make the FX1S an autonomous and very service-friendly system.

FX1S series highlights:
    * 10 to 30 inputs and outputs
    * High processing speed (0.55µs per log. instruction)
    * Ample program storage space and large device ranges · Integrated positioning controller
    * Serial communications options (RS-232, RD-422, RS-485)
    * Analog signal processing with optional expansion adapters
    * Integrated real-time clock
    * User-friendly programming with MS Windows-based programming software package or hand-held programming unit
    * Expandable with adapters or display modules

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FX1S (Legacy product)