Mitsubishi Compact PLC type: FX2N (picture 2)

The FX2N has set the standards in the industrial automation sector and is one of the biggest-selling controllers worldwide. It has many features normally found in larger controllers like floating-point math, the ability to process 32-bit data words and a wide range of fully-configurable communications options.

With a processing speed of just 0.08µs per logical instruction the FX2N is one of the fastest compact PLC systems available. It has extensive communications capabilities and a wide range of expansion and special function modules are available for configuration of precisely customised systems.
FX2N series highlights:
    * 16 to 256 inputs and outputs
    * High processing speed (0.08µs per log. instruction)
    * Ample program storage capacity (8,000 steps, expandable to 16,000 steps) and device ranges
    * Can be expanded with up to eight special-function modules for analog signal processing, temperature data acquisition, communications and positioning applications with up to 16 axes
    * Connection options for Profibus-DP, CC-Link, DeviceNet and AS-Interface
    * User-friendly programming with MS Windows-based programming software package or hand-held programming unit
    * Integrated positioning controller

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