Mitsubishi Compact PLC type: FX2NC (picture 2)

Launched in 2002 the FX2NC has proved itself in millions of demanding industrial tasks. An ultra-compact variant of the existing FX2N controller, the new FX2NC is also one of the fastest compact PLC systems on the market. Its extremely small dimensions make it the ideal choice for applications in cramped quarters. 
The FX2NC is the ideal complement to the successful FX2N line. Despite its tiny size, the FX2NC includes all the powerful features of the FX2N, including the lightning-fast cycle period of just 0.08µs per logical instruction.

This makes it one of the fastest PLC systems on the market in this class for up to 256 I/O points. The smallest base unit comes with eight digital inputs and eight relay or transistor outputs. It measures just 35 x 90 x 89mm (W x H x D), or around one quarter the size of a comparable FX2N unit. This makes it the controller of choice for applications where you need the power of an FX2N controller in environments with little available space. 
With its advanced features and capabilities the FX2NC actually exceeds the performance of bigger modular controller systems. It has six internal high-speed counters supporting input frequencies of up to 60kHz and a 24V DC power supply. The FX2NC base units are available in versions with 16, 32, 64 or 96 integrated I/Os. This basic configuration can be increased to a maximum of 256 I/Os per system with expansion modules, which come in versions with 16 or 32 I/Os each. A range of specialised expansion modules with functions for specific application needs provides added flexibility. There is plenty of choice – the FX2NC is fully compatible with all expansion and special function modules of the FX family, including positioning modules, analogue modules and so on.
Like the FX2N, the FX2NC also has outstanding networking capabilities and support. The FX2N communications modules for Profibus-DP, AS-Interface, CC-Link, 
CANopen, DeviceNet and the proprietary MELSECNET networks enable optimal connection to all commonly-used networks. These are complemented by serial ports, an SMS mobile phone text messaging module and the new Ethernet module, covering all your communications needs. 
Like all the MELSEC controllers the FX2NC is programmed with the powerful and user-friendly GXIECDeveloper software package, which supports all IEC1131.3 languages. A choice of 40 different HMI systems are available as operator and monitoring terminals – ranging from two-line character displays with four function keys to a 12." touchscreen model with a colour display.

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