Mitsubishi Compact PLC type: FX3G

While being intended for smaller systems, the FX3G still delivers a powerful combination of essential features, plus more not expected from a controller at this level. These include; a large program memory to implement sophisticated algorithms, ample space for data storage, logging or recipes, plus high speed execution to enhance system productivity. A dual bus architecture provides flexible expansion possibilities for additional I/O capacity and communication functions.
Easy system integration

The FX3G can operate as a standalone controller, but for when integration with other system components is required, a range of standard features makes it stand out from the crowd. Mitsubishi builds in standard instructions that permit easy control of our inverters over a precise, reliable digital link. This makes it simple to connect an inverter such as a FR-D700 to provide more precise motor operation while optimizing energy use.
With the Mitsubishi FX3G compact PLC motion control is also simple to implement. The FX3G provides direct control of up to three independent axes without any additional hardware. Hence cost effective multi-axis systems can be built without requiring a costly controller overhead.
The Mitsubishi FX3G compact PLC is able to be expanded easily. When it comes to increasing the capabilities of an FX3G, your options are extended whilst protecting your skills and investments. The dual bus architecture provides twice as many expansion possibilities compared to previous designs. On one bus, the FX3G uses additional, familiar FX family I/O and special function blocks to add a comprehensive variety of I/O and special function capabilities such as analogue and networking. On the other system bus, the FX3G uses the existing FX3U special adapters to provide high performance communication and analog capabilities that are directly linked to the CPU. This reduces programming while increasing performance, leading to faster development and higher productivity.
The Mitsubishi FX3G compact PLC is treat communicator. The FX3G offers you a wide selection of options when it comes to networking and communications. This begins with standard serial communication support and builds up to comprehensive coverage of common open automation networks. These include CC-Link, CANopen, Profibus-DP and Ethernet. Further, a built-in USB port makes permits convenient connection to any PC or laptop for high speed program uploads and downloads along with monitoring.

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