Mitsubishi FX3U PLC (picture 2)

The new FX3U series is the third generation of Mitsubishi Electric's successful compact PLC family. Developed for the international market, the new controllers feature a special second "adapter bus" system, which complements the existing system bus used for expansion, special function and network modules. Up to ten additional modules can be connected to this new adapter bus.

The FX3U controllers also impress with their speed (0.065µs per logical instruction), a significantly larger instruction set with a total of 209 instructions and improved functions and modules, particularly for positioning tasks. Other improvements include enhanced communications capabilities with Ethernet, USB and RS-422 mini DIN connectors.
The enhanced networking support has also increased the I/O capacity of the new flagship model, which can now be expanded to a maximum of 384 I/Os, including networked connections.
Advantages of the FX3U at a glance:
    * Safe investment
      Fully compatible with the existing MELSEC FX series; IEC 61131-3 standard programming; plenty of reserves for later updates
    * Tailored configurations
      Choose from a comprehensive range of products for positioning, analog signal processing and communications
    * Powerful positioning control
      Internal high-speed counters and pulse outputs (100kHz) in all base units, new counter and pulse output adapters (200 kHz), bus-capable servo system for controlling up to 16 axes with data transfer speeds of up to 50Mbps
    * Fast installation and configuration
      209 ready-to-use instructions
    * Integrated automation
      Modules, functions and instructions are all precisely geared to Mitsubishi automation technology
    * Outstanding value for money
      The performance of a medium-scale PLC system for the price of a micro PLC

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