Mitsubishi Compact PLC type: FX3UC PLC (picture 2)

The new MELSEC FX3UC CPU brings greater flexibility and more performance to applications which do not have space for traditional style PLC's. Like all other members of the FX family, each FX3UC PLC consists of a fully-integrated base unit that contains all the necessary PLC components, from the CPU to memory and the I/O controller.
The smallest base unit with 8 digital inputs and 8 transistor outputs takes up just 27 % of the space required for a comparable FX3U unit – and yet the FX3UC incorporates all the features of the FX3U.
The FX3UC base units all have a 24V DC power supply and are available in versions with 16, 32, 64 or 96 I/Os. They can be expanded up to a maximum configuration of 384 I/Os by adding expansion modules and networked I/O points.

Just like the FX3U, the FX3UC offers outstanding connectivity for all standard networks.
I/O terminal blocks with screw or spring terminals can be connected with standard ribbon cable connectors.
Are you looking for a control solution with power to spare? Then the FX3UC may be what you are looking for with:
    * an execution cycle period of just 0.065 ms per logical instruction
    * up to 40,768 data registers
    * up to 7,680 internal relay coils/flexs
    * 210 commands
    * memory for up to 64 k of PLC program steps
This makes the FX3UC one of the fastest and most powerful PLC systems in its class. In fact, it puts quite a few larger modular controller systems in the shade.

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