High Speed Hydraulic Actuators

High speed linear actuators for the textile industry

Hydraulic systems are excellent for high power requirements however there have been a certain applications where it has traditionally been difficult to use this technology. 
Applications falling into this category are extremely fast applications as in textile machinery for example.

Features, advantages and benefits
    * High performance
    * High dynamic
    * High velocity
    * Digital control
    * Less inertia
    * Free programmable movement
    * Closed-loop position control
    * Linear motor operated
    * Heat emission through the hydraulic fluid
    * Very low life cycle cost

Technical Data
Time for 0.9 mm stroke 7.5 ms
Operating pressure 60 bar
Acceleration 100 m/s²
Max. speed 1.5 m/s
Position accuracy 0.05 mm

Highlights of application
    * Free programmable movement
    * High positioning accuracy
    * Linear motor without gear or bearing
    * High dynamic mass
    * Long durability

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Flick Rammers

	Curtiss-Wright Antriebstechnik flick rammer cabable of accelerating 60kg to 10m per sec in 10ms

Flick rammers are most often used in the defence industry for applications like flick rammer drives for shell and unit charges. This technology is however easily transferred over to commercial applications requiring very rapid acceleration of large masses.

Flick rammers are used to move quite large masses over a short distance very quickly such as the Curtiss-Wright APS 07 – Self Propelled Howitzer for example. This provides:
    * BOFORS next generation artillery
    * extremely mobile on all-terrain chassis
    * high firepower (up 15 rounds/min)
    * long range of 55 km
    * automatic loading system with independent trays for shell and unit charges
A typical set of data for a flick rammer would be to move a 60kg mass to a velocity of 10 m/s in about 10 ms.

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