PS-DIN comprises a number of innovative drives designed for mounting inside a RACK. Based on the hardware of the STAR 2000 series, APS-DIN combines all the functions that put it at the panicle step motor drives.
The APS-DIN design enables the firmware of the drive to be easily updated enabling existing applications to have the very latest software. This can enable old cards to be removed from the system such as oscillators, ramps or cards for complex functions. With the APS-DIN everything is located on a unique card with a significant reduction in costs and dimensions.
The APS DIN drives are realised on single eurocards (100 X 160 mm) format and are equipped with DIN connector.
APS DIN is realised with SMD technology that gives these drives a high working reliability.

APS-DIN step motor driver large

• Optocoupled input and output signals; levels from TTL to 30V.
• Rack mounting, single supply, diagnostic display 
• Selectable acceleration/deceleration ramps
• Adjustable phase motor current by potentiometer and display or by serial interface
• Microstepping up to 4000 steps per revolution
• Protections for: overheating, overvoltage, undervoltage, short-circuit
• Automatic current reduction or reduction by external logic command 
• Circuit to damp mechanical motor resonances.