The EuroStep range of stepping motor drives comprises three sizes:
EuroStep 1 (ES1) for current output up to 3A;
EuroStep 3 (ES3) for current output up to 7A. 
EuroStep 4 (ES4) for current output up to 10A. 
Each size of drive is available in a number of different variants:
* a standard version suitable for step & direction input; 
* an analogue 0-10Vdc speed input version; 
* a TTL level input version; 
* a version which has been specially designed for use on labelling machines.

Eurostep-3 hand
Eurostep-3 stepping motor drive

Like the Micro-2 the EuroStep stepping motor drive is also a low-cost drive in a very compact design. The Eurostep drive is a little larger than the Micro-2 and as such is able to accomodate a number of safety features that the Micro-2 can not.
The EuroStep drive incorporates over/under voltage protection, temperature protection and over current protection.


There is also a specially designed version of the EuroStep 3 and 4 for labelling machines. With the EuroStep it is possible in many cases for the use of a PLC to be eliminated entirely. These units are controlled by simple 'Start' and 'Stop' inputs from sensors. The speed setting can be from a potentiometer and the acceleration/deceleration ramps are set up from within the EuroStep. The number of steps after the EuroStep receives the stop signal can also be adjusted via a DIP switch. When the motor stops the EuroStep outputs a 'print mark' signal which the labelling machine can use to apply a label or print a bar code, etc..
Both the EuroStep 3 & 4 are available for use with either an ac or a dc power supply. The part numbers are:
ES3-AO/S4 (16-60Vac, up to 7A output)
ES3-AP/S41 (25-85Vdc, up to 7A output)
ES3-AO/S4 (25-85Vdc, up to 10A output)
ES3-AP/S4 (16-60Vac, up to 10A output)