Sonceboz Drives

The Sonceboz stepping motor driver, type SB9103 are especially designed as a useful tool when engineers are requiring to develop, test and the optimise applications which use a stepping motor. The SB9103 electronic drivers are the perfect tool for the designer during the development of the project. They have been specially developed for a rapid and efficient development phase.
The SB9103 covers a broad spectrum of currents, voltages and speeds and are adapted to the Sonceboz 6500 series hybrid stepper motors and the Sonceboz 6600 series high efficiency 'Top-Drive' series
The SB9103 step motor driver features high-performance characteristics, fine microstepping, and are user friendly and robust.

Sonceboz SB9103 stepper motor drive

Compact: the integration of a powerful microcontroller offers an user-friendly driver with a high degree of flexibility.
Interface: all digital inputs have optocouplers (isolation). Microsteps and motor current are adjustable when the driver is running.
High step input frequency: the driver allows a step frequency up to 200kHz.
High resolution: the controller drives the motor with 200 steps per revolution, to rotate practically without vibration and with a resolution from 1.8deg (full step) to 0.045deg (1/40).
Intelligent driver: enable the boost input increases the torque up to 33% and is particularly useful for acceleration. In order to minimise the temperature rise, the current is automatically reduced to 2/3 of the nominal value at standstill.