We supply a wide range of low-cost (but high quality) 2-phase stepper motor drives from the APS range to the Eurostep-3 range. The drives are able to control the smallest stepping motors up to the largest and have a wide variety of features.

The Star2000 series of stepping motor controllers have been designed to provide low-cost control of 2-phase stepping motors such as our Sonceboz and COBRA ranges. They are housed in an IP20 metal enclosure which is suitable for wall mounting and are very robust.
There are a number of ways in which the Star 2000 can be controlled. As standard the Star2000 is able to utilize either a RS232 or RS485 interface. They can also be controlled via a 'step and direction' input or they can simply follow a 0-10VDC analogue input. The 'Record Selection' version of the Star2000 enables programs to be stored in the EEPROM of the unit which can then be called upon by 'hard-wired' BCD inputs. These inputs can utilize the unit's own generated 15VDC output or can use an external input such as 24VDC for example. There is also a version of the drive which has a Profibus interface and later in the year it is hoped that we will be in a position to launch a Star2000 drive with a CAN-bus interface.
The Star2000 incorporates a quick 16-Bit processor with 128k byte flash EEPROM which means that it is easy to re-program the units for different control requirements. Inputs to the Star 2000 are OPTO isolated with TTL compatibility. 
Presently the user is able to choose from the following step resolutions: 200, 400, 800,1600 and 3200 steps/rev.
As well as the single axis 'APS' version of the Star2000 there is also the 'APD' dual axes version available.
SPECIAL NOTE - Please read before ordering to ensure your order the correct part:
All the Star2000 units have the "SHS APS3-00.001.01A" main board however there are different Star2000 units within the range. DO NOT use this main board part number as the basis for ordering a spare. The available units are:
APS1 (4A)
APS2 (6A)
APS3 (10A)
APS4 (12A)
APS5 (10A)
Each of these sizes is available for use with a dc power supply (e.g. APS1-B-00, 40-80Vdc, 4A) or with an ac power supply (e.g. APS1-B-0P, 28-56Vac, 4A).
There are two basic units (pulse & direction input) whose main difference is the way in which the control connections are connected to the Star2000 and these are: crimp connections (e.g. APS1-C-00 for a dc power supply); and screw connections (e.g. APS1-B-00 for a dc power supply). 
For certain applications (such as labelling applications) there may be a special firmware put into a unit. The firmware can be changed so it is possible to go from a 'standard' firmware to a 'special' by flashing the chip. This requires a special piece of equipment to undertake.
Sometimes there are small hardware changes/additions to the units (as well as firmware additions) and this might be shown by an addition to the part number (e.g. APS3-B-00/D23).

From 2011 there were changes made to the main PCB of the Star2000. In order to identify the changed PCB an additional letter was added to the part number. The most common additions are 'L' and 'H'. Other less common letters appear on 'specials' such as 'B' for example. 
Examples of this change are:
APS3-B-EO becomes APSL3-B-EO
APS3-B-OO/D28 becomes APSL3-B-OO/D28
APS2-B-OP becomes APSH2-B-OP
APH3-B-PP becomes APBH3-B-PP
Operation of the Star2000 with the new PCB is identical to the originally supplied unit.
Where the 'L' and the 'H' versions are available for the same drive type we would normally supply the 'H' version.