Dm Series submersible pumps

WMT series of submersible pumps for use in flooded basements, cellars and garages and for drainage of swimming pools and tanks.

ACP&D Limited offer their Dm series (formally WMTm series) which is a comprehensive range of low-cost submersible pumps that can be used in applications of up to 27m of pumped head and for flow rates of up to 400 litres per minute in clear or in dirty water and with soft solids of between 3mm to 10mm in diameter (depending upon the size of the pump). 
The Dm series of submersible pumps presently comprise of seven sizes of pump: 
Dm6; Dm8; Dm10; Dm15; Dm18; Dm20 and Dm30.
The Dm submersible pump comprises corrosion resistant, robust materials in their construction. The pump body is made of cast iron with threaded port in compliance with ISO 228/1. It has a suction filter, suction plate, motor casing motor casing plate and motor shaft all manufactured in stainless steel. The impeller is constructed from a techno-polymer.The Dm pump has a motor shaft with a double seal and oil chamber.
 The Dm submersible water pump uses 220Vac-240Vac single phase motors with IP68 enclosures. The power supply cable supplied fitted to the water pump has a length of 5m and are made from durable neoprene H07-RN-F material and the pump is supplied with float switch for automatic operation. An in-built capacitor is located within the motor body. The pump is cooled by immersion in the liquid to be pumped.
The Dm submersible water pump has a maximum immersion depth of 5 metres and the suction level for the Dm6, Dm8, Dm10, Dm18 and Dm20 is 23mm and for the Dm15 and Dm30 is 30mm. The Dm submersible pump has a a minimum immersion depth for continuous service of 220mm.

The Dm water pump lifts water to the surface, instead of sucking the water out of the ground like pumps that normally operate at ground level.
The Dm series of pumps are electric pumps incorporating a float switch and the pump is able to be easily incorporated for auto control and applications where automatic submersible pump are required can be found in applications where it is a requirement to pump clear or slightly dirty water. The Dm pumps are suitable for use in domestic, civil and professional applications and in particular for draining flooded areas such as cellars and garages, for draining swimming pools and reservoirs and for the disposal of non-sewage waste water.
These pumps distinguish themselves for their reliability, which can be best appreciated under automatic operating conditions in fixed installations.

The Dm Stainless Steel Submersible pumps have a motor that is close-coupled to the body of the water pump. Having a hermetically sealed motor prevents the water from getting inside the pump's motor which could cause a short circuit. Other components of a submersible water pump are the cable, which is connected to the motor, a float containing the level switch and a pipe that transports the water to the surface. (not included).

A float level switch automatically operates the Dm pump completing the electrical circuit to the pump motor when raised allowing the pump to operate. It breaks the circuit to the pump motor when the float switch falls to a pre determined level. This level to which the pump de-waters the sump or tank can be adjusted by re clipping the float cable in to position on the handle. The float switch should always be set to provide the longest run time possible without taking the water level below the suction grill.

WMT submersible pump application

In order to commence pumping pumps require to be 'primed' The Dm range of submersible pumps (formely the WMTm series of submersible pumps are more efficient than surface mounted pumps which loose their prime at the end of each pumping cycle if not fitted with a functioning non return valve. If not fitted with a non-return valve the surface pumps are required to expend energy redeveloping their prime.
As these industrial water pumps are immersed in water they are in effect self priming pumps and as a result of this the Dm submersible pumps do not loose their prime when the pumping cycle is completed. The Dm pump is only required to expend energy to raise water to the discharge point at the start of each new pumping cycle. Almost all of the energy input in to the pump is used to develop the rotation of the motor and impeller moving /raising / lifting water, thus the Dm submersible pump is more efficient than a surface pump.
Because the Dm series of submersible pumps effectively 'pushes' the water column in the pipe (as opposed to the surface pump having to 'pull' the water up the pipe) this results in a much lower rate of mechanical problems with the Dm submersible pumps due to the lower stress levels within this type of pump.
It is recommended that the pump outlet pipe size is maintained at the same size as the pump outlet for the length of the delivery line and the delivery pipe run is not excessive in length.

Whatever your problem from floods to drainage when you need an electric water pump the first consideration should be to use a pump submersible from the Dm series.

Dm submersible pump applications include:
• Flooded Cellar and Basement Cleanup
• Sump Clean-out
• Swimming Pool Drainage
• Agriculture Wash-Down Pits
• Barge unloading
• Tank Clean-out
• Waste Water Transfer
• Decorative water features
• Well pumps
• Final effluent from septic tanks
• Tank filling
• Waste water from dishwashers / washing machines
• Emptying rain water tanks 
• Emptying of tanks or wells in industrial / ecological situations
• Emptying of septic tanks

The following Dm submersible pump products can be purchased from this website:

Dm submersible pump curves and performance graph