TOP Series submersible pumps

Pedrollo TOP series submersible pumps

ACP&D Limited offer a comprehensive range of low-cost submersible pumps for domestic use in applications of up to 14.5m of pumped head and for flow rates of up to 400 litres per minute in clear water that does not contain abrasive particles. The TOP series of submersible pumps presently comprise of five sizes of pump: TOP1; TOP2; TOP3; TOP4; and TOP5.
The TOP series submersible pump comprises a corrosion resistant techno-polymer which is reinforced by adding glass fibre which makes it particularly resistant to impact and corrosion. The pumps incorporate a threaded inlet (ISO228/1).
The TOP submersible water pump use 220Vac - 240Vac single phase motors with IP68 enclosures and Class F insulation. The power supply cable supplied fitted to the water pump has a length of 5m for the TOP1, TOP2 and TOP3 pumps and 10m for the TOP4 and TOP5 pumps and are made from durable neoprene H05-RN-F material and fitted with a Schukoplug. The TOP series submersible pump is also supplied with float switch for automatic operation. An in-built capacitor is located within the motor body. The pump is cooled by immersion in the liquid to be pumped.
The TOP series of submersible water pumps are able to operate when fully immersed in water (up to 3m for the TOP1, TOP2 and TOP3 and 5m for the TOP4 and TOP5) however the TOP1, TOP2 and TOP3 submersible pumps are able to operate in liquid just 14mm from the bottom of the pump and the TOP4 and TOP5 submersible pumps are able to operate in liquid just 30mm from the bottom of the pump and the TOP4 and TOP5 submersible pumps are able to operate.

Typical usage of this versatile pump are: in applications such as draining small flooded areas (rooms, cellars, garages) in the event of an emergency, for the disposal of waste water in the home (from dishwashers, washing machines) and for emptying drainage traps.

The TOP Stainless Steel Submersible pumps have a motor which incorporates an 'open' type impeller manufactured from Techno-polymer. It has stainless steel motor support and incorporates a double mechanical seal in ceramic-graphite-NBR on the pump side and sealing ring (with interposed oil barrier chamber for lubricating and cooling the seal surfaces in case of lack of water) on the motor side. The motor is a submersible asynchronous single-phase motor rated for continuous duty.
Other components of a submersible water pump are the cable, which is connected to the motor, a float containing the level switch and a pipe that transports the water to the surface. (not included).

A float level switch automatically operates the pump completing the electrical circuit to the pump motor when raised allowing the pump to operate. It breaks the circuit to the pump motor when the float switch falls to a pre determined level. This level to which the pump dewaters the sump or tank can be adjusted by re clipping the float cable in to position on the handle. The float switch should always be set to provide the longest run time possible without taking the water level below the suction grill.

TOP submersible pump application

Whatever your problem from floods to drainage when you need an electric water pump the first consideration should be to use a pump submersible from the TOP series.

TOP series submersible pump applications include:
• Flooded Room, Cellar and Basement and Garage Cleanup
• Swimming Pool Drainage
• Tank Cleanout
• Waste Water Transfer
• Decorative water features
• Well pumps
• Final effluent from septic tanks
• Tank filling
• Waste water from dishwashers / washing machines
• Emptying rain water tanks

The following TOP series submersible pump products can be purchased from this website:

TOP submersible pump curves and performance graph