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  Thursday, 3 September 2015
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Enclosed Drives / Inverters

To complement the Range of inverter products, we can now offer pre-wired panels. All you need to do is wire the mains supply and motor and switch to run !
We can manufacture these from small 0.2kW Single Phase Inverters to over 400kW Inverters. We can also provide this service using soft starts.

Standard Features Available
* 230V Mains Input, 3 Phase output
* Run / Stop Selector Switch
* Forward / Reverse Selector Switch
* Speed Up / Slow Down Dial
* Emergency Stop Push Button
* Door interlocked mains isolator
* Sheet Steel Panel (IP54)

Options available include:
* Stainless Steel Panel
* Polycarbonate Panel
* Emergency Stop "Pilz" type relay
* Digital Speed Meter
* Illuminated Start & Stop Pushbuttons
* Inch / Reset Pushbutton

Enclosed drive

Take a look at our Minicon Panel prices below. We are sure that you find them very competitive.

Teco Speecon 7200 Minicon AC variable speed drive


ACP&D price











(Prices exclude VAT and delivery)

Full operating instructions and technical manuals provided with every system. Panels can be built to suit a customers specific requirements. The above represents our standard range of cubicalised miniature inverter products only.

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Commissioning Services

[File] Labour Rates for Service Engineers and Design Engineers (26.3 kB)

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