ACP&D Limited are please to offer the Toshiba AC drives as part of our product portfolio. Toshiba inverters (sometimes referred to as 'Tosvert' inverters) come in a number of ranges: 
o The VF-S11 series comprises compact inverters which are often used for fan, pump and machine tools.
o The VF-nC3 series comprise a range of compact and simple inverters with a wide range of functions. They are suitable for applications requiring simple speed control or constant torque at low speed. The vertical contact-type main circuit terminal board and captive screws also ensure easy wiring. 
o The VF-PS1 series is designed for fan and pump control. The design incorporates a special function (energy saving and automatic drive) for the fan or pump being controlled.
o The VF-AS1 series comprises High Performancehigh torquefast responsehigh accuracy and easy operation.