VF-NC3 Series

VF-nC3 is the series of compact and easy-to-use TOSHIBA inverters for small-sized machines.
    Wide range of power rating
    1-phase 240V class 0.75kW to 2.2kW
    150% overload for 60 seconds or 200% for 0.5 second
    Maximum ambient temperature: 60°C with de-rated current
    Simple operation: RUN and STOP keys allow easy operation
    Simple setup: "turn-and-push" setting dial makes setup easy
    Simple installation: vertical orientation for easy wiring and side-by-side installation for space-saving
    Built-in RS-485 communication allowing PC to manage parameters and monitor operating conditions
    Excellent motor control using sensorless vector control and energy-saving mode
    Long lifetime: designed for 10 years of operation
    Safety for parameter settings: through four-digit password with saving-and-restoring parameter functions
    Eco Design: compliant with the European RoHS Directive
    Compliant with international standards:
        IEC / CEI-EN61800-3 at environment C1
        CE marking, UL, and CSA
    Transportation machines
    Conveyer, automatic warehousing systems, etc.
    Food processing machines
    Bread-makers, confectionery machines, tea manufacture machine, wheat vermicelli making machines, rice/wheat-polishing machines, mixers, slicers, grading of fruit machines, etc.
    Fans and pumps
    Fans and pumps for industrial machines, buildings, water supply and drainage systems, dryers, etc.