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Linear actuator index

Index - Sonceboz linear actuators
Index Reliance rack actuators

Sonceboz linear actuators


Reliance Rack Actuators

Small linear actuators with stroke lengths up to 220mm, maximum forces up to 180N and step increments down to 2microns per half-step.


Small rack actuators with solid and hollow racks which allow tubes and wire to pass through keeping them neat and tidy.

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[File] SB-7165 video clip (0.98Mb)

[File] SB7165 linear actuated with load attached (920.7 kB)


[File] SB-7165 datasheet (130.2 kB)

[File] SB-7213 datasheet (131.8 kB)

[File] SB-7214 datasheet (260.6 kB)

[File] SB-7217 datasheet (299.2 kB)

[File] SB-7220 datasheet (1.3 MB)

[File] SB-7230 datasheet (1.1 MB)

[File] Linear actuator with 'built-in' driver, type: 8623-R002 (249.2 kB)

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