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Additions to the Neugart planetary gearbox range announced

18th September 2005
ACP&D Limited are pleased to announce that they are greatly increasing their portfolio of the premium quality Neugart planetary gearboxes. The portfolio previously comprised the PLE40, PLE60 and PLE80 products. As from September 2005 the PLE80/90, PLE120, PLE120/115 and PLE160 products have been added. The introduction of these additional gearboxes allow applications with ratios up to 512:1 and output torques up to 800Nm to be catered for.
Two of the ranges (PLE80/90 and PLE120/115) are similar to the PLE80 and PLE120 gearboxes in all aspects except for the bearings and flanges. These two ranges have special high force bearings incorporated allowing their use on applications which have higher radial and axial loads such as in belt drives and chain drives which traditionally have high radial forces when the belt is tightened for example. The two gearboxes also have a different output flange than the rest of the range. The PLE80/90 and PLE120/115 have a square output flange with through holes as opposed to the B14 flange with drilled and tapped holes which the rest of the gearboxes have. This square flange makes the gearboxes easier to fit onto machinery aiding assembly.
Further Neugart gearbox products will be added to our portfolio in the coming weeks.


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