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  Thursday, 3 September 2015
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Invertek inverters added to portfolio

ACP&D Limited are pleased to announce that from 1st June 2007 we are able to offer Invertek inverters, manufactured here in the UK. The ranges which will be offered will be:
 Plus 3GV
Optidrive VTC
Optidrive E
Optidrive E1 (single phase)
Optidrive IP55
To be added to this range with an expected launch date of October 2007 will be:
Optidrive E2 (single phase)
Optidrive E2
Invertek uniquely are able to offer variable speed drives (VSD) with either 110Vac or 240Vac inputs and a single phase output. We believe this to be the first commercially available inverter in the world that is able to offer this. At the end of this year the Optidrive E2 (Single phase) inverter which is also designed for single phase variable speed output will also be able to be offered by ACP&D Limited.
As well as the basic product a comprehensive range of accessories will be offered.
If you would like to see more of the Invertek product 'Click Here'


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