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  Thursday, 3 September 2015
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Planetary Gearboxes Index

With our Neugart and our STM planetary gearboxes we are able to supply a wide selection of power transmission products for high precision, low-backlash applications as well as for more arduous applications. Both Neugart and STM are globally renowned manufacturers of planetary gearboxes, specialised gearboxes and customised gear parts.
Seven series presently supported are: Ex planetary gearboxes;PLE planetary gearboxes; WPLE planetary gearboxes; PLN planetary gearboxes; WPLN planetary gearboxes; PLFE planetary gearboxes; and PLF HP planetary gearboxes.
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[File] Complete Planetary Gearbox Brochure (14.6 MB)

[File] PLE gearbox brochure (2.2 MB)

[File] WPLE gearbox brochure (1.3 MB)

[File] PLN gearbox brochure (1.4 MB)

[File] PLS gearbox brochure (780.0 kB)

[File] WPLS gearbox brochure (717.0 kB)

[File] PLS HP gearbox brochure (653.6 kB)

[File] PLF HP gearbox brochure (536.8 kB)

[File] PLFE gearbox brochure (2.4 MB)

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