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Regal Beloit 6RNC Permanent Capacitor single-phase motors - 6RNC80M04K


Brand: Regal Beloit
AC Motor Brand: Regal Beloit 6RNC Series
Motor Type: Single phase (Perm Cap)
Kw Rating: 0.75kW
Motor Frame SIze: 80
Poles: 4-pole
Motor Mounting: N/A
Enclosure Rating: IP54
Motor Body Material: Aluminium

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Price From: £98.00
Price From: £98.00

Product Details

Regal Boloit 0.55kW single-phase 230V, 50Hz, 4-pole, 1415rpm (@ 50Hz) Permanent Capacitor (Perm Cap) motor in an 80 frame size with insulation class F/B and an IP54 housing